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As a public accounting firm, we have experience working with individual and business clients in a vast scope of industries and situations. Here are just a few examples of the industries we work with everyday. 

Farm Tax

Over the years, Tidwell & Associates has worked with many clients in the agriculture industry. Whether you run a large commercial farm or a small family ranch, we are here to help you navigate your unique situation and maximize the tax benefits from your farming operations.

Real Estate Tax
Real Estate

Whether you are a passive Real Estate Investor, or a Developer with a large Real Estate Portfolio, Tidwell & Associates, CPA's has experienced professionals in the Real Estate Industry that are here to serve you.

Construction Tax

Working closely with large developers in the Real Estate space over the past few decades, Tidwell & Associates has also developed wonderful relationships with many businesses in the Construction Services Industry. Whether you are a General Contractor, or have a specialized niche in the construction industry, we can help.

Business Tax
Professional Service

As a part of the Professional Service Industry ourselves, Tidwell & Associates has a wealth of experience dealing with the issues surrounding the Professional Services Industry and has worked with clients in the Finance, Legal and other sectors for many years.

Medical Tax
Medical & Dental
Retail Tax

Over the years, we have had the priviledge to work with many clients in the Medical and Dental Industries. Tidwell & Associates have profesionals on staff that have experience accounting for items such as Medical/Dental Billing practices, and other situations specific to your professional sector.

Tidwell & Associates is able to help you navigate the unique aspects of your industry including inventory accounting and controls, the retail business model and managing the accounting for payables and receivables.

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